Custom Wood Shutters made in Austin, Texas

Choosing the right window treatment is like choosing the right tie, the right dress, or right pair of sunglasses.  It can define you.  That's why GRACELAND Windows offers Custom Wood Shutters in a variety of styles, custom sizes, and custom colors.  Choosing a shutter shouldn't be a "point-and-click" decision, it should be made on an individual level.

GRACELAND guarantees a 3-week turnaround on most Custom Shutter orders.  If we don't install your new shutters in 3-weeks or less, the installation is FREE.  

  • Lifetime Warranty 

  • Guaranteed Precise Measurements

  • Professional Installation

  •  Variable Louver Spacing

  •  Precise Divider Rail On Center Tilt

  •  Consistent Rail Sizes

  •  High Quality, UV Stable Finish 

  •  Fast Delivery

  • Locally Made

Shutter Options:

  • Louver Size -  2.5, 3.5 & 4.5" :: Design Tip - BIG is Modern, Small is Yesterday

Today's trend is to go with bigger louvers.  3.5" is most popular (80%) and safe; 4.5" is often considered too large, however, it's a great option where larger scale is needed, view is important, or a modern look is sought.  The wider the louver, the fewer louvers and the more space between louvers.  2.5" is reserved mainly for older style designs.  GRACELAND still offers 1.375" and 1.75" louvers, but lead times may vary.

  • Tilt Location  -  Front, Rear, Side

Center  =  Traditional  (Most Standard Configuration :: Variable Louver Spacing Available)

Hidden  =  Contemporary (Provides Better View + Modern Look :: Fixed Louver Spacing is Available) 

  • Frame Style  -  Z, L, Outside, custom

  • Frame Sides  -  2, 3 w/sill frame, 4, Sill top & bottom

  • Panel Configurations  -  L,LR,LTR,....

  • Divider Rails  -  Height -Location from bottom

  • Color  -  Paint, Stain  (We Can Use Virtually Any Sherwin-Williams Paint Color, So Feel Free To Express Yourself)

  • Species  -  Basswood, Alder, Maple, Exotics

  • Hinge Color  -  White, Off White, Metallics

  • T-post Locations  -  Evenly spaced if not specified