"Mr. Boone (owner) did what he said he would do when he said he would do it. Hard to get that nowadays. The windows are beautiful. He explained the project details and has a knack for making you feel very comfortable with the deconstruction and installation. A perfect gentleman. Would do business with them again in a minute."

Ted & Michelle N. via Houzz.com

"Six years ago we started working on our Hill Country Retirement Home in anticipation of our November 14 retirement.  Early in our planning, a company demonstrated windows similar to the ones we just bought from Jacob Boone.  We decided not to speed the extra dollars in favor of buying insulated windows from a big box store.

That was a major mistake. Although our home is only 1450 square feet, heating and cooling it was a major problem.  Part of our house would be too hot and part too cold. 

After we went to the expense of putting insulation under the floor of our pier and beam property and had additional insulation blown into the attic, our bill the month before we called Jacob was almost three hundred dollars.  When I sat in the office, I had to put a small heater near my feet to be able to work there.

When I called Jacob out, I also got other estimates. One was considerably higher than Jacob's bid and was from a company whose products are made only to specifications for extremely cold climates in the north.

The second bidder was the same product Jacob sells.  I already knew from past experience and a long history of building and remodeling that the installer is one of the most important parts of the equation.  Jacob convinced me he had the best installer so we chose him.

Jacob was right. 

The other company told us we had to move the furniture away from the windows and take the blinds down and put them back up. We are both too old to move furniture. Furthermore, he told us they would tear the old windows out and break the glass to get them out.

Since we wanted to preserve the old windows to build a greenhouse, Jacob said they would do their best.  In the end, only one of the windows had to be pried out of the frame. We understood that the way the old installer put them in would determine how easily they would be to take out, but I was terribly impressed at how hard Jacob and his installers Dominik and his helper worked to make sure we were completely happy when they went out the door.

We are now sitting in a cozy house that we are heating completely and comfortably with our small wood-burning stove. It is 46 degrees outside and I am one happy camper. We can't wait until summer. 

If you want to call me to verify this I have given Jacob permission to share my number with you."

Marian L. via Yelp.com

"We were in the process of picking up roots moving out of state (that state being TX meant we may as well have been in another country) and needed to have some windows replaced in our home before we could sell.
Jacob of Graceland Windows set our minds at ease. Of course his price was reasonable or else the wife would've never agreed to it. But it was his genuine pride in his craft that convinced me.
When the job began we were already a thousand miles away. Jacob kept us informed every step of the way. The buyers were so pleased with the work they asked to come back and do some other repairs.
If he weren't so far away I'd hire him again without a doubt."

Randall H. via Houzz.com

"We work with Jacob on a project which need to open a window and a pocket door on the wall of a bonus room. Even if he is not the vendor which offer lowest price, we decided to go with Graceland because of Jacob's patience and professionalism. He always reply to email and text within several hours and keep us updated on the project progress. Given that Austin becomes a big construction shop recently, lots of contractors/companies are overloaded with projects and delay some or all of their customer's progress. Jacob always keeps his promises of delivering which is the best among all contractors we have worked.

During the project, Jacob's team fix all the concern we raised and unpredictable issues that happened without increasing the price. Overall, we are 100% satisfied with Graceland and will recommend this company to anyone who want a worry free remodeling experience with their house!"
Ningyu S. Via Yelp.com

"Working with Jacob has reaffirmed every reason I've ever had to use local businesses. Jacob was hands-on, detail oriented, and like another reviewer stated, I didn't feel like I was being sold something.  I have nothing but great things to say about Jacob's customer service, and we weren't always the most decisive customers!! As for the product Graceland installed, we are equally as pleased. We had 14 old windows replaced, new window sills on half of them were installed, and we ended up having Graceland install shutters on the front of the house (not originally planned). Of all the quotes we received, Graceland's wasn't the cheapest and it by far wasn't the most expensive. It was reasonable, and we will be getting new blinds from them for the rest of the house before next summer, and possibly a door if this wind keeps up!"

Paulette B. via Houzz.com

"I had a very good experience dealing with Jacob from Graceland Windows. He was quick to respond to all of my questions and I had the installation in record time. This all happened around the holidays which usually means delayed times and responses which was impressive. The blinds look great and have served their function well. Great price and great service so two thumbs up!"
Jennifer M. via Thumbtack.com

"We recently downsized homes to a zero lot line neighborhood and the immediate drawback for us was the amount of outside noise we heard all throughout the day (dogs, trucks, neighbors, etc). The home is only 8 years old but all the windows were builder-grade and the sound control was horrible. Upon researching options I came across Graceland and spoke with the owner, Jacob Boone, and he recommended I go with a specialty glass they offered called "Hero Glass", which is a laminated dual-pane glass package. The results have been dramatic. With our old windows we could hear every little nuance outside, we now have to look out the window to see if it's even raining!! Jacob was the consummate professional through it all, the windows delivered as promised, and the installers did an excellent job. We definitely recommend Graceland for any sort of window replacement project."
Mason H. via Houzz.com

"I met with Jacob to discuss window options and from our first meeting, I felt like he is the right contractor to do my windows. His knowledge is well rounded in terms of interior and exterior design of the window to the overall theme of the house. 
I would definitely contact this business for future window and door installations. 
The prices given are way cheaper than the rest of the contractors that I've met. I wanted to Replace my windows with E-Series Anderson and I would never would want to go through ' **omitted**,' because of their corporation's high profit margin."
Sarah J. via Yelp.com

"AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!  I called Jacob on a Monday morning to discuss replacing a front door on a very short time line.  He called me back promptly and sincerely wanted to help me get the project accomplished.  I felt like I was transported back to a time when customer service actually existed (so rare these days).  I was a high maintenance customer because I was not in town, so I needed him to get the door replaced pretty much without me.  His carpenter Rene helped me order a door online that he picked up.  He also worked with my other contractors to get access to the site because I was not in town.  Graceland had the door installed the next day!  It is sturdy and the installation was done beautifully (previous door had been kicked in and had some damage to both the door and frame).  Rene even re-used the existing trim, etc. to save me on expenses.  I will be hiring them again anytime I need doors or windows.  Thank you Jacob!"
Jenny P. via Yelp.com

"The work we had Graceland Windows give us quotes on was 22 windows being replaced that were originals and new custom shutters.  The owner Jacob showed up on time and got straight to work working us up a quote, all the while educating us on the different options available.  My wife and I both got a good feeling from Jacob and decided to hire his company to do the work.  During this process we threw some curveballs at Jacob (different style windows, and color shutter) and he quickly made the adjustments with his manufacturers, even though these changes were outside our original agreement.  Not once did he try to charge me extra and even if he was frustrated by our indecisiveness he never let on.  The windows and shutters all came in the same week and he again was patient with our schedules and got the job done with his installers working late into the evening.  We are extremely pleased with the final result and we would recommend Graceland to anyone thinking about changing out their windows."
Franklin Family via Merchantcircle.com

"We have worked with Graceland Windows for a number of remodel projects throughout the Austin area. Their windows are stellar - the quality is top-notch -we are always given tons of options, and that is especially appreciated for the high-end custom homes. 
Jacob is great to work with. His delivery and approach is impressive because he doesn't just try to sell homeowners the most expensive brand. He is easy-going and affable, and a dream to work with. He also takes his time, works with designers, and ensures that everyone is happy. A small business like Graceland is hard to find in a quickly growing city like Austin that is over-populated with builders and contractors just rushing to get the job done. We know we can depend on Graceland; we couldn't be happier with their work ethic and ability to deliver a job done right. 
We HIGHLY recommend Graceland Windows + Doors."
Spindle Design Co. via Houzz.com

"The customer service we received from Jacob at Graceland Windows rivaled any service we have ever gotten since owning our south austin home…a home that is 28 years old and seen its fair share of contractors. The windows we purchased are beautiful and the price was lower than 2 of the 3 other quotes we received. What sold us though was the attention to detail that Jacob had and how quickly he responded to concerns we had leading up to the installation. I've referred Graceland to 2 other neighbors and fully expect to see them in the neighborhood again soon."

Hal. H via Yellowpages.com

"My husband and I started the task of getting estimates for replacing all of our windows in September and we quickly got overwhelmed with the process and the seemingly nice yet pushy salesmen. Then walks in Jacob with Graceland Windows. I'll try not repeat every other reviewer's sentiments, but he was a breath of fresh air. Graceland's price point was very competitive and Jacob was wonderful in spelling out expectations of lead times.

We've had the new windows (18) for a little over a month and we love them. We haven't received a current Electric bill since having the windows but I'll update once we do. The overall comfort of our home has risen considerably, and the noise outside has been greatly reduced. We are extremely pleased with our windows and Graceland was definitely the right choice for us."
Wendy B. via Yelp.com

"We got 3 quotes on replacing our original windows with vinyl windows but we decided to go with Graceland because of the amount of attention Jacob paid to the overall project. We ended up not even going with vinyl, instead we went with a bronze aluminum window and we are soooooo pleased we did. The aluminum cost a little more than the vinyl, but the overall price was still cheaper than some of the other vinyl quotes we got. The windows are great and Jacob was a pleasure to work with."
Marsha G. via Thumbtack.com

"Jacob at Graceland Windows came out to our South Austin home to quote us on replacement windows in August and after interviewing half a dozen companies we decided to go with his.  He was straightforward, fair, and my barking dogs seemed to like him...they don't like many.  Overall we're very pleased with the way Jacob handled our project, the quality of craftsmanship with the installation, and the replacement windows we purchased.  
We chose to go with the Vista Window series because of all the features we could add or omit from the window, but in the end Jacob kept us pretty grounded and didn't let us up-sell ourselves too much. After meeting with typical salespeople for getting bids, Jacob was a nice reprieve from the overbearing window peddlers we had in our home before.  He seemed to care more about the essentials, rather than the bells and whistles.  The comfort has gone up considerably, my energy bill has gone down, and the noise outside remains outside for the most part.  If I were to do it all again, I'd choose working with Jacob and Graceland Windows all over again.  I'd be happy to answer any one's questions about our experience with him."
Henry B. via Google.com

"Graceland blinds is a top notch company. My husband and I were in desperate need for blinds in our new home that did not have any window coverings. After contacting Graceland blinds, we then met Jacob.  He came over, took accurate measurements and provided us a quote. Jacob never tried to "make a sale" with us. We felt he was truly concerned about our happiness about our decision, whatever that might have been. Once we made the decision to proceed, Jacob was very cooropertive with our schedule and budget.  Jacob and his crew were very professional, accurate and clean during the installation process. After installation, Jacob called to make sure we were 100% satisfied. I never once doubted that he did not have our best interest in mind. 
Since the blind installation, my husband and I have recently proceeded with having Graceland blinds installing solar screens on our home. If you have any window needs, I highly recommend you give Jacob at Graceland blinds a call!  You will not be disappointed!"
Kimberly C. via Yelp.com

"I was very impressed with the quality of windows we purchased from Graceland. We replaced all the windows on our front, eastern, side of the house and have already noticed a major change in the level of comfort, especially over the last 2 weeks. More than the windows, I was impressed with Jacob and the consultative approach he to took with me and my wife. At no point did I ever feel like I was "buying" something. That was very refreshing. I will definitely be using Graceland for the rest of the house next year. 5 Stars!!"
Brian K. via Thumbtack.com

"We are very satisfied with our experience replacing windows with Graceland. We had done this sort of thing before at our home in Kansas so we had some benchmarks on pricing already. I don't want to sound like a broken record repeating what other reviewers have stated but Jacob was great to work with. He was honest and thorough, and I felt like he genuinely cared about getting our project done right. He showed up to the job site, walked through the final inspection with myself and his installers, and he answered all of our questions. We do recommend this company."
Robert E. via Fixr.com